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Re: Removing Portforwarding Rule - Hub6

Seeing as there some people on this thread that seem to understand the Hub 6, please can someone comment on the below?


We had wifi connectivity issues, so BT sent me a Hub 6 to replace the Hub 5. Since installing that, however, my son is unable to play his multiplayer games. 

Either when we try to load a multiplayer server on a windows 10 laptop it says server not responding, specifically in Unturned. I tried it on the Mac and same issue, so it must be the router config. 

 There seems to be a lot of chatter on the forums about this, but I can't find the specific answer. Some posts talk about setting up port forwarding and static IP addresses, but this is a bit beyond me. Why would I need to go into the router's advanced settings to make something work that was fine in the older router?

Help gratefully received. BT call centre staff had no clue and said I had to pay them for tech support

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Re: Removing Portforwarding Rule - Hub6

There is absolutely no difference in operation between the Hub 5 and the Hub 6, any settings required in the Hub 6 would have been needed in the Hub 5.

As a first step, have you turned off smart setup and split the wireless networks?

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