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Really Disappointing

We had BT Infinity installed in the Spring, with promises of more powerful router and faster download times. It may be slightly faster it's very hard to tell. The main gripe is with the limited range of the router. We live in a 4 bedroom house and the router is in an integrated garage which has been converted to a study at one end of the house. The wireles signal reaches the next door kitchen and the bedroom above the garage and err that's it. After months of moaning I finally decided to do something about it and rang BT to say:


a) I can't get any signal in most of the house;

b) the phones don't work properly either.


Now you'd think they'd be a bit apologetic and come rushing round to fix the problem? Think again. I've been told we need it re-sited and this then counts as a new contract (cunning or what) and the earliest appointment is 8 January 2013!! Pleas for an ealier resolution have failed.  In the meantime terrible connectivity (mostly none) and a real feeling that I'll be cancelling my appointment and my contract.



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Re: Really Disappointing

Wireless does not go very far anyway. You may be better trying some other options which will avoid moving anything. See

Network connection problems and possible solutions


BT would not be responsible for the wireless range, as that is determined by many factors.


You may be able to extend the signal using one of thes options.


Wireless connection problems


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