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Really low speed when using TP Link VR600 modem

I can get connected ok using my Archer VR600 modem/router but my download speed has dropped from around 32mg which I was getting on my smarthub to around 12 mg on the Archer and for the life of me I cannot see why.On the Archer modem page it states 35324 current downstream and 36283 max downstream.I set up the modem as per instructions.I have not changed any settings that I know of and do not know where to look for an answer as I am no expert.Router is connected by cable to iMac and ipad via wifi.The wifi speed has also dropped to around 5mg.I dont want to go back to the bt router as I was having a few problems with dropouts etc.Can ayone help ?


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Re: Really low speed when using TP Link VR600 modem

Hi cslogg,


You may have had a few connection drops which could explain dropping to 12Mb it will recover over time once the DLM see's things are stable, what are your stats?


Goto the advanced tab/status scroll down, and should show you something like this.



Current Rate(kbps)1999973674
Max Rate(kbps)2614974297
SNR Margin(dB)156.2
Line Attenuation(dB)17.39.1


DSl Modulation Type should be VDSL2, and Annex Type A/L.


As for the wifi have you setup the 5GHz for the Ipad I believe its dual band?

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Re: Really low speed when using TP Link VR600 modem

Just to say that, in my experience, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with the VR600 for a fast connection. I get as close to 80/20 as it's possible to get - which, to be fair, is the same as I got from HH5 and HH6. (I'm nice and near to the cabinet.) So I'm not sure what's gone wrong for you. Do you have the latest firmware from the TP-Link UK support website? Might be worth rerbooting the VR600 to see if that helps.


Sorry - this isn't terribly helpful.



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