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Recent Fibre900 upgrade awful speeds!

Hi there,

I upgraded to Fibre900 with complete WiFi on Friday (last night) from the previous 300mb package and since installing it the speeds have been shockingly bad! 

Previously I’d reliably get 300mb on the dot which was fantastic but now in the same spot, same device but connected to the Disc I’m only getting 50mb max. Even standing next to the router (and after hard reset too) rather than the disc I’m only getting 280mb ish. 

Do you have any advice or suggestions how to fix this so I get even remotely close to the advertised speeds? Interestingly the BT reports a connection speed of 810mb but surely in a 2 bed apartment I shouldn’t get speeds THIS low given before upgrade they were higher? 

From BT app Speed test 1 (on Disc):

Speed to Hub: 826mb down, 118mb up

Speed to Device (on disc): 46mb down, 103mb up

From BT app Speed Test 2 (direct from Router):

Speed to Hub: 810mb down, 118mb up

Speed to Device (direct): 244mb down, 117mb up

Any help is greatly appreciated! I don’t wanna pay for a 910mb line if I’m not even going to get close! 


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Re: Recent Fibre900 upgrade awful speeds!

Update on this for anyone interested, I managed to get through to FTTP support and ran through many tests with the engineers. 

In short we identified that we think that there is a missing firmware update to SH2 to manage the wireless signal for the new Fibre900 package. They advised to check in later this week on any updates or communications. There were many calls about it apparently. 

If anyone has heard anything new since that would be great to hear! 

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