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Recommendations on HomeHub5 Setup

Just had HomeHub5 installed by BT engineer.  Connecting devices following BT guidance proved problematic but I eventually found a method that worked and then replicated that method in a structured test.  My comments may prove useful to people who have been equally frustrated. 

I was connecting a wide range of devices that are probably very representative:  1 x laptop Win 8.1; 1 x laptop Win 7; 1 x IOS iPhone; 5 x android tablets and phones; 1 x Sony Bravia TV running Android.


BT Guidance says that once HomeHub5 is up and running, use Smart Setup on each device that you connect.  My advice is DON'T as Smart Setup will prevent some devices connecting, cause intermittent connection drop on others and inhibit function on others (e.g. BBC iPlayer and all other replay apps failed to load on the Sony Bravia TV.)  You may find yourself in a loop where you keep hitting Smart Setup and cannot proceed past it whatever options are chosen.


What I would recommend:

1.  Install the Hub

2.  Connect a laptop or desktop as a device from which to manage Smart Setup and the BT Hub.

3.  As instructed, open the web browser and run Smart Setup.  Choose all the required options to customise the BT service.

4.  Switch off Smart Setup for all future devices as in this link

5.  Connect each device in turn - usually better to use the Router UD and Password than WPS


There are frequent posts (which pointed me in the right direction) about the need to turn off Smart Setup to get individual devices working but not, as far as I could see, addressing initial setuo, hence this post.


BT should ideally change their setup instructions but that might be too much to hope for.

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Re: Recommendations on HomeHub5 Setup

as BT provided the smart set up feature they are not going to change their set up instructions best to just access the hub interface and turn it off to start with there is no need to use it at all then
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Re: Recommendations on HomeHub5 Setup

Hi and welcome to the forum. Your post will no doubt assist some posters. As you have already said, there are numerous posts about not using "smart set up" and along with these post there are instructions advising not to use "smart set up" and how to turn it off.


Unfortunately unless BT do away the "smart set up" installation procedure altogether, anybody using the Homehub will come up against the procedure. The biggest problem with it is that it requires a web browser to open on the device in order to acknowledge the set up procedure and as not all devices, such as TVs, Bluray players, some phones etc will not automatically open a web browser, this causes the "loop" that you have referred to.


It is a very well known problem but for some reason BT continue to ship the Homehubs with this set up procedure, which they apparently believe assists their customers, so I doubt it will be changed.  


As for using WPS, there were security reason not to use it, so much so that BT "turned it off" on some Homehubs but that issue has been resolved however I would advise that it is always better to enter the SSid and passkey manually rather than us WPS on any device let alone when using the Homehub.