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Recommended settings for TP-Link ADSL Router

Hi Everyone,


After spending 6 months trying to troubleshoot the disconnections with my HH3, i've bitten the bullet and bought aTP-Link TD-W8951ND ADSL2+ router.


I've got the router up and working without any issues, but there are loads of settings that I'm unfamiliar with.  Rather than just poke and hope, I'll take any advice on how i conifgure this router to get the most out of my ADSL connection, and get most fro my Wifi coverage.


Thanks in advance!


Smiley Happy

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Re: Recommended settings for TP-Link ADSL Router

Ok, the situation has now become a nightmare.  Spent all last night suffering from Xbox live disconnects, and time outs.  Lots of Xbox codes, that all appear to relate to the response for their servers being too slow.  Tried forwarding all advised ports on the router but no improvement whatsoever.


Tried this on 2 xboxes in different parts of the house, both the same issues.  Also nticed that XBMC on media PC would not connect to content servers.  Internally, the streaming from my server to media PC seems better than ever.


Following morning tried xbox again, and it still times out.  Swapped the TP-Link router for my BT Homehub and getting the same issues, and it's still timing out.  Eliminated everything else from the set up, so that it goes router to xbox direct, nothing else plugged in.  This seems to have resolved the issues.  Tried again with a direct connection using the TP-Link but once again it times out.


It does all seem to point towards the TP-Link not working as expected.


Anyone any ideas?

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