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Reduced speeds in other areas

I have a BT home hub 5 and BT infinity. The master is located in the my living room at the front of my property, and in here I recieve wireless speeds of 45mb download and 6.9mb upload. The problem I have is when I move out of that room, even just into the next room the speed drops to under 3mb download and 1.84 upload. Being upstairs makes this reduce even more, even at the point directly above the router.

My house is a semi detached property, which has standard 100mm block work internal walls, with some stud partitioning. So it's not like I live in a old property with 400mm thick stone walls!

I would understand a slight reduction in speeds when away from the master. But the fact I can barely use the wifi in any other areas of my house is frustrating. Especially as a smart tv in my bedroom is unable to be used as there is no wifi signal, Skype calls can only be made in the living room, and my office computer has no internet service.

Is there anything I can do to improve the speed / signal?

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Re: Reduced speeds in other areas

You could try a wireless extender, or a mains network adaptor. Have a look online and check for reviews. I honestly have no idea how good these things are, never used them.

Alternatively you could use an ethernet cable if you don't mind laying it along the wall and up the stair. I have, seeing as the housing association probably wouldn't like me drilling holes in the ceiling/floor and walls.

The cable terminates in a switch feeding my PC and a server. The alternative is to get good wireless kit.


I have fitted Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I cards in my sons and wife's PCs. Also your router needs to produce a strong stable signal.

I found the Homehubs, (all 3 of them, last one being a HH5), to be a little weak in this department, in the short time they were in use before getting third party modem/routers.

The walls here seem to be much the same as you have, below are speed test results for comparison.


wireless test Oct '14.jpgWireless from 2014.


wired July '16.jpgWired this month.


wireless July '16.jpgWireless done same time.


Wireless tests made from upstairs back room and the router is downstairs on front wall.

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