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Relocating my Modem and Router - Faceplate question

At present my master socket is in my living room, in an awkward position. A couple years ago I had my house cabled with Cat6 with the termination point being the garage where the patch panel and switch. Whilst doing this, the installer ran what looks like Cat5 or Cat6 from my master socket into the garage too. 

I now wish to take advantage of this and move my BT Openreach modem and Asus router into the garage. My knowledge of BT faceplates and sockets isn't great. I've unscrewed the faceplate on the master socket and from the top of my head, terminals 2 and 5 have been punched in and are going into the garage. In the garage, the other end of the cable is waiting to be wired into a socket. 

Is it just a case of wiring in a new socket/faceplate? If so, which one do I need? 

At present I have this in my living room. I use a microfilter with this into which my modem goes. 




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Re: Relocating my Modem and Router - Faceplate question

Personally I would fit a MK4 filtered faceplate to the NTE5C in the living room and then connect the 2 wires that go to the garage to the RED data extension terminals on the new faceplate and fit an RJ11 socket for the modem in the garage.

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