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Replacement Smart Hub router etc.

I have recently been sent a replacement Smart Hub in exchange for a faulty one  I have the Halo 3 package. Since installing the new Hub I am unable to connect the two Wifi discs and the Hybrid connect either by ethernet or Wirelessly. 

I connect the discs or the hybrid connect  to the hub and go through the pairing procedure.  the light goes to steady purple and after a while flashes blue for a few seconds it then flashes red a couple times then goes to solid red.

This happens with all the devices, I have been sent replacement discs and a Hybrid connect but they do exactly the same. Also I cannot connect the My BT app on my  iphone to the router either, it come up with the message. "It wasn't possible to connect  to the the network Please try again" 

When I look at the router settings on my PC the disc is showing in the wired connections so it obviously has  a physical connection. See picture below I wondered what the blue shield in the disc entry was is something blocking the device?

I have had engineers out to check everything and they also could not resolve the problem they just ordered new equipment. 

Anybody got any suggestions please as I am getting very frustrated with the whole thing to say the least, and just about ready to throw the whole lot in the bin. 

Screenshot 2022-03-18 101607.jpg

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Re: Replacement Smart Hub router etc.

if a new hub did you turn off smart setup in hub manager as that often causes problems


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Re: Replacement Smart Hub router etc.

Hi yes turned of smart setup as suggested  no different.

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Re: Replacement Smart Hub router etc.


Is the replacement a SmartHub 2?

If so it's possible that port 4 is setup for FTTP as a WAN port & not an ethernet port so for anything on port 4 to work I suspect that that port needs to be changed to ethernet from FTTP WAN mode.

A simple checking of switching a device from  , say, port 1 to port 4.

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Re: Replacement Smart Hub router etc.


yes it’s a smart hub 2 I have tried the Ethernet cable in all 4 ports but no joy in any of them.

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