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Router Setup

I have Fiber 900.

I want to use my Netgera GS105 E

With BT HUB2  it dose not work I can see 2 connetcted device ( one is not wisible) i can identyfie from ther MAC adress but non of has internet connection.

I have a TP link AX50 router I coud mange to set up the internet on thet . Everithing working fine except the max Speed is arroudn 380/110 MB/S  at Ethernet cable and 180 /110 MBS  on wifi.  With the BT HUB 2 the speed is ~800/110 Mb/s  wifi ~450/110 MB/s.  Upload speed is good both setup.

How can i spped up the Tplink AX50?  Is any advanced setting i have to change?





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