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SSID's with multiple routers

I have a Bt Home Hub 3 (HH3), which is single band, connected by Ethernet to an Apple Time Capsule (in bridge mode) which is dual band. Let us say that the Bt HH3 has an SSID of ABC, and the Time Capsule has an SSID of DEF, or DEF5GHZ for the dual band. Is this how it should be set up, or should they all share a single SSID (except for the 5GHZ bit). I have read both opinions. My printer is connected via ethernet to my HH3, and at the moment I have to connect to the HH3's SSID to print - if I'm connected to the time capsule via wireless I cannot print. In short should all my SSID's match, or should each router have a different one.

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