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SWTOR: Latency Spikes Over Wireless



Recently joined up with BT Infinity and very impressed so far with stability/connectivity/speed. I used to play SWTOR and recently started playing the game once more.


However I have noticed that I get extreme latency spikes while playing. I don't loose my Internet connection, that remains stable and constant. However my game play goes like the below:


Normal: Around 30-60 ms

After 30 minutes or so playing, i noticed it increasing slowly, it will build up to 500/600 ms and then the next second drop down to 30 - 60 ms.

Then it will start rising higher up to 7000/8000 ms until the game server disconnects me, sometimes im lucky and again will drop back to 30 - 60 ms in the blink of an eye, sometimes i lag out and get disconnected.


Has anyone had this before? Is there anything i can adjust on my Hub? (I've got the Home Hub 5) Do i need to phone BT and can they make any line adjustments from there end? Should i log this with EA?


Thanks in advance



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Re: SWTOR: Latency Spikes Over Wireless

You need to forget using wireless, and either use a direct Ethernet cable, or powerline adapters.


Wireless will always give variable results due to errors cause by interference. These errors force re-transmissions, which will increase the transit time.


You could try a different wireless channel, there is a choice of 13 channels, but you may not find much improvement, as some interference is wideband.


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