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Sainsbury's Gift card wrong amount sent

First post from me so be gentle. I got the Broadband Infinty package with the offer of £100 Sainsbury's gift card. I recieved the card this morning and it's only for £60, how do I go about getting the extra £40?

Thanks in advance for any help

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Re: Sainsbury's Gift card wrong amount sent


I am sorry to see you are having problems

I suggest you contact live chat at this link they should be able to help you
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Re: Sainsbury's Gift card wrong amount sent

on the document that comes with the card there is a phone number on the top right corner. call that number and press option 2 when prompted, this puts you through to the voucher help team and explain what has happened, i had to do this and they sorted it out for me within a week

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Re: Sainsbury's Gift card wrong amount sent


Similar problem. Should have received £40 voucher - they sent £25.


Took John's advice: live chat link? Watched the "submit timer" rotating for about half an hour, then gave up! Already tried Soapy's phone contact - passed around for half an hour or call dropped!


N.b. It seems pot luck if you get an answer let alone a solution. Looking back in the forum's archive it's apparent that BT does not put much (if any!) effort into resolving this issue. Years later, same problems - customer service appears to be not their first priority. Surprised?


You only need help when things go wrong - that's when you find out a companies worth.

Handsome is as hansome does!


If you want to say stuff it! I'm leaving when my contract is up - please click on the Ratings star on the left-hand side!



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Re: Sainsbury's Gift card wrong amount sent

Same problem last year. Bt deny the voucher value I claim to have seen on site did not start till 2 days after my installation
so was not showing at time of order Web archive for 22aug 2012 says it was bt say web archive was 22oct 2012
Do they care what I say no contract ends feb goodby bt service and quality is so poor security very doubtful
Sorry jum you won't win they don't listen
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Re: Sainsbury's Gift card wrong amount sent

Update: Result! Eventually got another gift card for the missing amount. Hurrah!


Tried calling the "help line" again but gave up in disgust after an hour - it worked for some members, but unfortunately not for me: Suppose it depends on who's at the other end? ..................... And where the other end is!


Anyway, for me,  results came when I e-mailed customer services (on-line support). A very pleasant remediation winged into my inbox that evening; the balance came in a card 5 days later. Many thanks to Keeley at the BT Vouchers Team for all her help. There are nice people out there in the Bt World - you've just got to keep trying ...... SadlySmiley Sad


Hang In There!       It takes perseverance - but you need to "hang in there"!  And look out for the crocs! Smiley Wink

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