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Samsung Crystal Surround AIr Track Interference (with Home Hub 4)

Hello. Could anyone offer any advice on a problem with the above subject which I think is caused by my HH4. The Samsung surround sound (model HW-F551) transmits the subwoofer signal wirelessly on the 2.4GHz frequency and I've noticed that whenever any other devices in the house are connected to the same HH4 wireless frequency the subwoofer cuts out and is very intermittent. On the other hand whenever this frequency isn't in use by any other devices (all using 5GHz) I never have any problems with it all all, no interruptions or loss of signal. Is there any way around this or is there a way of forcing devices to use only 5GHz (devices usually in use are 2 x ipad 4, 1 x ipad 3, 1 x samsung galaxy s3 mini and 2 x samsung galaxy s4 minis). Many thanks for any help/advice.
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Re: Samsung Crystal Surround AIr Track Interference (with Home Hub 4)

If you give your 2.4GHz and 5Ghz frequencies different SSids i.e add a 5 onto the end of the 5GHz one, then set your devices to only use that SSid by deleting the 2.4GHz one from them this will stop them logging onto the 2.4GHz. Downside is that they won't automatically switch between the two if they can't get the 5GHz frequency. This might not be a problem if the 5GHz give you good coverage through out your house.


You could also set your devices to only use the 5GHz frequency in their advance wireless settings but the downside would be that they would not connect to the 2.4GHz frequency if you were wanting to use it else where unless you changed the setting back.

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