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Serious xbox live connection issues Hub 5 & Hub 6

Since Friday I've had trouble connecting to Xbox live.
At the time I had a Hub 6 set up and all was working fine until Friday.
At 1st I couldn't log in to live, so tried reconnecting my wireless. I was then getting messages saying no internet connection, reset everything, an internet connection would be there but it would then sign my profile out of live and give an error when I tried to sign back in.
On the few occasions I logged into live it would not sign into the ea servers.
I have tried all the suggestions I could find online, put the Xbox as static IP, put it in DMZ none of this worked.
I even plugged my old HUB 5 in which I had no problems with but I was experiencing the same issues.
I have tried to factory reset both hubs and set up again with no luck.
I went back to the HUB 6 this morning and all was looking good as I had a connectionsopen nat type, ip4v and ip6v connections. Tried to log onto FIFA and can't sign into server. Tried to open a page on edge and says no internet connection.
Help needed!
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