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Setting up WholeHome Discs with 3rd Party Router

I recently upgraded to BT FTTP 900Mbps however, the Smart Hub 2 speeds I am getting are really poor. I left in my existing Smart Hub 2 because, for some infuriating reason, BT decided to change the WiFi password policy on the newer Smart Hub 2 routers, so I can't use my existing password without having to set up my entire home network again. Unfortunately the WiFi speed of this SH2 is really poor. It maxes out at around 110Mbps which is nowhere near good enough for a 900Mbps connection.

I then tried the new Smart Hub 2 to see if it would make a difference. It maxes out at 300-350Mbps. Better, but nowhere near good enough.

I then installed my cheap, £15 Xiaomi router and I'm getting 500-600Mpbs over AC 1800 WiFi, which I am more than happy with. The next issue I now have is that there seems to be no way to set up the two black Wholehome WiFi discs with a 3rd party router. I installed the Wholehome app on my phone which explains to connect the disc to the router and connect to it directly. I am unable to do this. No Wholehome discs come up on my WiFi on my phone. I tried both these discs and an older white one I've had for a few years, none of which shows up on my WiFi network to connect to and configure.

Am I doing something wrong here? How can I get these discs working with my 3rd party router? I've factory reset them as well but to no avail. Surely BT aren't blocking the use of 3rd party routers with these discs???




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Re: Setting up WholeHome Discs with 3rd Party Router

The black discs aren't Wholehome (white discs)  which are compatible with any router, they are Complete Wifi, which only work with the BT SH2. Two completely different things.

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Re: Setting up WholeHome Discs with 3rd Party Router

Thank you! I had no idea they were separate. That explains why the discs don't work then 🙂

I currently have the new SH2 in place. The upload speed compared to the £15 Xiaomi router is terrible. It maxes out at 20Mbps whereas the cheap router gets the full 110Mbps. I don't understand why the speeds or so poor.

I guess I'll have to follow this up with BT to see what's going on. Thanks!
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