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Sh2 & BT pro box

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I'm not sure if this goes here as it's the broadband and BT Pro box.

Strange issue with the Pro box it works fine on WiFi as got 500 upgraded WiFi but as soon as I hard wire the Pro box to the same it wipes out my broadband to less than 10.3.

It's unacceptable as I've had non stop issues from day 1 with broadband as it wouldn't give me the speeds on via the app so I don't know if it's been under the minimum speed guarantee...

Engineering expert from BT was here on Saturday & after 2 swaps with the sm hub2 and wires he couldn't fix the issue so I decided to cancel as I'm within my 14 days cooling off period.

But I decided to give the BT tech team another go & between us it seems the cable supplied with the SM hub 2 was at fault...

So I changed it to cat 6 I had spare & it seems to have sorted that issue out ..I'm stunned the engineer didn't pick this up on Saturday it's outrageous that I had to replace at my cost a cable that works.

So I'm not sure going forward why the pro box with the cable from the TV box is dropping my broadband speed to unacceptable levels.

I'm not disputing that BT have put credits on my account for numerous other issues but they haven't mentioned anything to do with the speed falling short for the minimum speed guarantee...

So this new issue is strange as I prefer a hard wired connection to the pro box for my on-demand plus it's always prudent to have hard wired over WiFi for solid speed .

I hope someone can help with this as I've had a few ipc6023 & other codes.

  • Also there's no Netflix as add on in my VIP package it's disappeared.

Many thanks.

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