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Should I Upgrade from Master Socket Mk1

Wondered if someone could help?

Just moved in to a property and the master socket is in the hall with no extensions in the lounge (where we need them).

Starting therefore looking things up to extend and wondered whether upgrading the master socket faceplate would be advisable? I believe it is a Mk1 as it doesn't have mk1 etc... in the top right (number on inside is 1036886)

Taking off the faceplate shows that wires are connected to it, so it's not just replacing it, but am I correct that replacing it with a Mk2 or 3 should be relatively easy?

Is there a likely advantage of doing this? Or should replacing the whole unit with a Mk4 be a better option?

Don't know if the broadband has any issues at the moment - should be connected on Tuesday.

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