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Slow Complete Wifi

Hi all

So ive just upgraded to complete wifi due to poor signal around my home. I have 3 discs placed around my home, im getting good coverage now. But i have noticed the download speed i can now recieve to my phone has dramatically reduced since connecting discs, with discs turned off, sat in the same room as my smarthub 2, i can hit 400mb now and again, and most of the time it will sit at around 350mb download speed. Soon as i turn the discs on, im lucky to recieve 220mb under the same conditions, connected directly to the hub. Is this normal? Ive just had a home tech expert out to see me and he reckons this shouldnt be happening.

Ive tested the speed on Ookla speedtest starting with only one disc on, then two and then all three. Each disc seems to drop the main hub speed around 50mb.


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