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Slow speed via mini connector kit PS4


I have the smart hub 6a. Upgraded from hub 5. I had my Ps4 linked to my hub5 via a tp link powerline adaptor. Got speeds of around 35 to 40mbps. Happy days, never faultered. My ps4 is in a bedroom upstairs, router in main living room, hence why I used a powerline adaptor.

Received the hub 6a, plugged in my tp link adaptor and speeds fluctuated from 7 to 10 mbps on my ps4. On my laptop i got speeds of around 40mbps. Scratch head time. Rang support suggested I try the mini connector kit. Received today still slow speeds on ps4 but 40mps on laptop.

Don't understand why. Although the hub 6a seems to automatically assign a port forward rule for the Ps4. The port numbers are 9308. These don't seem to match the numbers suggested for the playstation network.

I did ring tech support but he was useless. Suggested I speak to Sony.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Slow speed via mini connector kit PS4

In what way do you consider the Hub6 to be an 'upgrade' from the Hub5? If you still have the Hub5, revert to that.

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Re: Slow speed via mini connector kit PS4

Had the same issue as you.  Couldn't even watch Netflix without it buffering all the time.  I did what is suggested above and switched back to Hub 5.  

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