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Smart Hub 2 vs Smart Hub + Whole Home WiFi


I'm currently on the Fibre 1 broadband package using the Smart Hub. There are some areas of my home where the WiFi signal is quite weak and I'm considering installing some WiFi access points / extenders. 

I'm comparing the Whole Home discs or upgrading to a Smart Hub 2 which can both be bought via the online BT Shop as standalone devices without needing to upgrade my package (I think).

How I want to decide will depend on what's most economical (and possible):

  • Can I set up a Smart Hub 2 on my current package or will I have to upgrade my package?
  • Does the Smart Hub 2 have a better/stronger/further WiFi broadcasting signal? Or is it likely I will need a Complete WiFi disc as well?
  • I don't have any Whole Home discs at the moment so does that mean I will need at least two for initial setup (one ethernet connected to the Smart Hub and one I can place wirelessly somewhere else)?
  • After setting up Whole Home, does it still broadcast on the same single SSID as I know most WiFi extenders broadcast a secondary one?

Grateful for any advice.



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