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Smart Hub USB on FE File Explorer (iPhone / iPad)

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I have connected a 2.5" 1TB external HD to the USB port of my BT Smart Hub - Type A
The drive is named: BTHomeHub_1TB_USB
When i login to by Hub ( on Win 10 / Chrome it shows the device as present.

I can access the files on BTHomeHub_1TB_USB via Windows 10 File Explorer:  \\\BTHomeHub_1TB_USB
I can access the files on BTHomeHub_1TB_USB via Chrome: file://

But I cannot find a way to access the USB drive on my iPhone 7 or iPad (5th Gen)
I use FE File Explorer Pro which has the following options:













I can see and can stream from my Win 10 PC and Laptop, but none of the options seem to recognise the BT Smart Hub or the USB Drive.

There are options for manual confurations, but I don't know which option to use or how to the configure it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me crazy!

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Re: Smart Hub USB on FE File Explorer (iPhone / iPad)

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As a follow up to this, I realised my mistake, I was using the BT Hub SSID and password as my EF Explorer set-up.
When I should have been using my BT account login. Once I used that and it connected, it then quickly became apparent that the BT Smart Hub USB port is pretty much pointless, I could transfer files back and forth, but it was super slow and streaming any sort of media content was next to impossible.

So I sacked off the whole experiment. Time to buy a NAS drive I think.

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