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Smart Hub queries (faults, flaws or whatever)

I can see from the 6 or 7 pages i read that loads of people are having issues with loads of different things with the smart hub so thought i'd through some others in.


I've just moved from the HH5 to the Smart Hub, the 2.4ghz signal on the HH5 had been dropping randomly and thought it a good time to 'upgrade'.


Couple of things anyone know about???


1. On the HH5 on the LAN splash page of your network it would tell you what speed/connection each port on the HH5 was running at 100 or Gig. Found this useful to know and a few times ive seen that it shows devices running at 100 instead of gig on another gig switch, turned out it was a guff cat5 cable (came with the HH5 and only had 2 pairs rather than the 4 needed for gig). Cant see this anywhere on the Smart Hub, whys it been ommitted?


2. Noticed a couple of the connected devices in the my network section have a D symbol on their icon, but cannot work out what it is?


3. Did a couple of comparison tests on the HH5 compared to the SH on my S7 Edge for wifi on both bands (ive alreday split them).


Signal on 5GHz (from exact same location)

SH - 433mbps (this is the highest i get) 

HH5 - 702mbps (again highest i get)


Signal on 2.4GHz

SH - 173Mbps

HH5 - 144Mbps


4. My actual speed seems to have dropped for downloading, not much but has still dropped. This is apparent if i power off the SH and replace with the HH5 and power back on.


Downstream (as noted on the actual router, im on bt infinity 1, and these stats vary after each reboot but not by much)

SH - 17.3

HH5 - 18.2


SH - 2.5

HH5 - 1.8


Im thinking the download drop out maybe due to the fact the BT-WifiX and BtWifi-with-Fon seems to have been reactivated. I have asked them to deactivate via the chat, and turned out the werent actually paying attention to me and it was already deactivated, they reactivated it. Thankfully i double checked, so they deactivated it again. Said it would take 2 hours, that was about 6 hours ago and 2 reboots. Anyone know how long that takes?


5. I bought my SH from them, got it for £25 plus delivery, that was only 4 days ago, so anyone know what address or who i need to deal with to return if needed? All the horror stories have got me a bit twicthy and conscious i only have a set amount of time to be able to return under distance selling regs etc.


If i do i may just soldier on with the HH5 or maybe splash the cash on somehting better.


cheers in advance.

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