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Smart Hub2 configured as an access point, will the disc still work?

The BT HomeHubs could be configured to act as a separate wireless access point, in the past I changed out the Homehub for a 3rd party modem and then used the spare homehub as an extra  wifi access point to improve coverage, it worked well.  I recall you change the ip address so it doesnt clash of the homehub and disable DHCP server.

My question is this, if i use a 3rd party router/modem (i will be disabling its WiFi) and  use my smarthub2 as a wifi access point will the extra disc connecting still work and provide the MESH wifi it currently does?  I dont see why not?

I have my reasons to be changing to a 3rd party modem and wanting to do this,  I want LTE backup which the Smarthub2 doesn't support but I dont really want to have to spend £100 on another 2 disc mesh system if i can use my existing BT SH2 and disc(s).


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