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Re: Smart hub 2 connection problem

 Thanks for the suggestion it was one I had not contemplated and I thought that you might just have hit on something,  but alas no.  I switched Smart set up on and tried both manual and WPS connections - after factory resets before each attempt. 

I think the difference between your HP problem and my Brother problem is that the Brother has steadfastly refused to connect to the Smart Hub 2 from day 1 whereas I believe your HP did connect a one time?

However, your response has made me think that it might be worth experimenting by trying different combinations of channels. I cannot quite reason out why that might solve the problem but desperation motivates!  This will take some time as there are many combinations to try!  If I am successful I will surely come back and let everyone know.  If I am not I guess it is goodbye to the Brother or the Smart Hub 2!  Thanks again

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