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Smart hub 2 issues, maybe change


I went on to a FTTP Fibre 250 connection last year and got the Smart Hub 2 sent out to connect with. I have two small issues since then that I don't have the technical understanding to resolve but wondered if a new router would solve. 

I have an HP wireless printer that my wife and I print to from various Apple devices. On our old Homehub we had the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz WiFi signal separately named so that the printer, which couldn't connect to 5ghz, and our device we were printing from could be on same. With the SH2 we couldn't do that. The printer would no longer work normally with the SH2 in that to get it to print we had to, after sending print, disconnect WiFi on printer, reconnect and then it would print. I read it was because the Apple devices were connected via 5ghz and the printer was 2.4ghz. So I turned off the 5ghz and now the printer works as normal.

But it means I am not getting the WiFi speeds a 5ghz would give. 

My second issue is WiFi drops. On my work laptop I have to connect via VPN to work from home. It regularly reports VPN disconnected and then reconnects within 20 seconds. It can happen a number of times in an hour, or sometimes go an hour without it happening. I notice on my iPhone that I can be browsing and then it stops and I have to wait for it to reconnect and browse again, would take the 20/30 seconds. I usually end up switching to 4g rather than wait for reconnection. I have spoken to technical help who get me to reset hub, switch off all devices etc but I don't notice any difference. They have said it may be caused by some Sonos speakers I have in living room. I've been working from home during the lockdown and the regular disconnects are bothering me.

When I called last week I was talked into upgrading to the Full Fibre 900 connection as this may help but I wasn't convinced of that as I believe the SH2 may be faulty. I have asked for replacement SH2 a few times but they won't budge. I dont really want to call again and have to go through all the tests again.

Now that I am on 900 connection I want to use the 5ghz signal to get faster WiFi speed but then our printer doesn't work normally. I also want to get rid of the WiFi drops!

Would an alternative router solve this and are they easy to setup/install?





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