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SmartHub 2 Access Control issues.

I've recently been issues a Smart Hub 2 to replace my Home Hub 6a as the access controls were broken by recent firmware updates.


I now have 2 issues / concerns.


1. I have to use an app to control access control

This means I am having to borrow my teenage daughters phone to install the BT App to then set days/times to block her phone .... Crazy!

If I were to make a mistake and block her phone 24*7 I then wouldn't be able to get back on to unblock her, unless 'resetting' the whole Smart Hub 2 I'd assume.... 

this seems a big step backwards.


2. The Access Control portion app appears to have a bug.

I blocked my daughters phone between 21:00 and 07:00 Monday to Sunday. and it's showing up as blocked, in group etc.

But she's still using it....

It looks like her phone registers itself on both 2.4 and 5.0Ghz with the same ID.

When you use the app to block the device you only get the ID list, which I then used to block, but it only blocks 1 of the 2 frequency registrations....


I had to:

Go into the browser SmartHub 2 console and rename 1 of the 2 phone registrations

Then go up to her room last night at 23:30 to borrow her phone she was using and shouldn't have been, to block the 2nd and now newly showing device ID.

As you can see, I've now added 5's as a suffix to all 5Ghz device connections to get them to show in the BT App

This is a big failing in the Access Control process which is a key element of the service needed.






Concerned parent.

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