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Socket and Cable Type/Quality

I'm about to move into a new home that has not had (from what I can tell) any broadband connection used in anger and therefore the master socket is not located in the best place for it to be most useful to locate the hub etc. Therefore I need to have the master socket relocated into another room. It is hoped the service to be taken on board will be Infinity. I am aware that this needs to be done by a BT engineer however, to save time and get the socket/cabling located where I want it I have a few questions, the answers to which will help preparations go smoothly.


Socket: I have a new Master Socket back plate with an ADSL filtered front plate. If I was to mount the back plate in the location on the wall (with necessay holes drilled through the wall) where I want it - will the BT engineer then fit the necessary front plate?.

Cable: Rather than reuse the existing cable from where it comes into the property (as I guess it it a bit old) I'd like to run a new cable routinging it where I want it to go - this will be about 15m. This will save some time on the engineers part and get it exactly where I want it. I do not intend to make the connections just run the cable. However, I want to use the best quality of cable and use the right type of cable. Is this practicle, acceptable and can anyone suggest the best cable to use and where to get it from?



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