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Staff Please Help Me Im loosing my mind

So since october last year 2018 ive had alot of con issues , ive recently moved from EE to BT and i get the exact same problems , I lag on my PS4 when others are on my internet . I get barley any bullet registration in my games like Call of duty black ops 4 [ even on my own host ] SNR keeps dropping but then stabilises itself every 2 days but even when it shows its stabilised i still get really bad connection . its nothing to do with my wiring or my setup as im right next to the master socket and im all wired and ive tried a super powerfull third party router . Ive portforwarded ive changed my MTU ive litrally done everything . Ive had 15 advanced engineers say there is nothing wrong with the line and my setup yet why am i complaining and had problems for so long since october . Ive got new internet ports at the cabinet and distribution point , ive recently had the mastersocket moved . Apperently i dont know what this is but the case manager said ive been moved to another SLT which i dont know what that even means . 2-4 days every 3 weeks my connection is stabilised and is okay but not at max , i pay for 67 and recieve 51 and my upload is 18 . ii really need help on what my problem is because all these call handlers dont know anything nor do the engineers that come , 1 advanced engineer told me i know more than he does with the internet which is pretty scary . Im just lost on what to do . ive had my snr hard set to 6 multiple times and yet it drops below most of the time . I really need help as i cannot simply move to another ISP as there is only BT cabling in my area . HELP !!!

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