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Still no luck with Unblock US

Ok, so I posted a messages a few weeks ago about my Unblock US not working on my Xbox 360 and haven't managed to fix it. 


People have said there are other posts on here but I haven't found them. 


Unblock US have told me that there are firmware rollbacks being offered to people but I can't find any information about them. 


I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places, but I could really use some help. Does anyone have links or any information on how to fix the Hub/router so it allows me to use the Unblock US DNS settings on my Xbox?


It works fine on my PC but not on either my PS3 or my Xbox 360 and doesn't connect to the internet at all when I change the DNS, but works fine with the automatic ones.


I've also been told that getting a new router might be the only option, but I would prefer not to buy a new one unless I really have to, and if its guaranteed to work. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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Re: Still no luck with Unblock US

Unblock works perfectly fine for me on my xbox 360, xbox one, ps3 and ps4 using DNS and


Both are put in the DNS settings on the xbox and ps networks settings itself.


I would like to point out that unblock us does not work at all if you have the BT parental controls activated. As they seem to block the DNS servers from working.


So if you have those enabled you should log into your account at and fully disable them.


EDIT: Also what router are you using and is your 360 in the DMZ?



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Re: Still no luck with Unblock US

Did you ever solve this? I'm having a similar problem on PC. Have unblock-us on my iPhone. Turned parental controls on and it stopped working. So turned them off again and now it's not displaying anything on we browsers. Not even the parental block warning message I was getting before. Strangely Facebook and Twitter apps still work though. But not internet browser. Any ideas?
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Re: Still no luck with Unblock US

I have to say I'm on the same boat here.  All was fine til I started parental controls.  Tried deleting them but still not able to get back on to using the Unblock us DNS to get on to netflix.



Need help.

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Re: Still no luck with Unblock US

Did you try this.

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