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The age old question on Port Forwarding


I've spent the last 6 hours reading, testing, failing to port forward on BT. I was previously with Virgin and Port Forwarded without a single issue. 

I suspect the issue is due to the PPPoE but I honestly do not understand it enough to determine this or how to bypass it, if that's at all possible. 

So, I'm trying to forward ports to a local gaming server I host, its not working, external port scanners state the ports are closed, hell, scanning anything against MY IP says its closed. 

I'm using a Google Wifi Nest hooked up to the FTTP, even plugged in the Smart Hub 2 and PF'ed on that device to the same results, nothing is open, nothing works, nobody can connect to the server. 

How does one successfully port forward with BT? it seems almost impossible.


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