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The connection to this site is not secure

Can someone help?

BT Hub 2 + full 500 fibre

I get this trying to access my Gas supplier’s login screen trying to view my gas bill.

The connection for this site is not secure. uses an unsupported protocol.


There are many other web pages I am unable to access e.g. Wine making web sites. This has been going on for some time as I thought wrongly it was the site, I was visiting having the problem. If I (Bing) search ‘Home wine making’ three out of the six first web pages are blocked with the above. All sites are https.

This looks very like a router BT problem.

Here’s what I have done with no resolution to the issue

Disabled Parental Controls

Disabled BT Web Protect

Uninstalled Norton

Uninstalled Malwarebytes

Reset my Hub 2

Cleared Cache in Edge browser.

Cleared temp and other files in my Windows 11 Pro

Tried Edge browser.

Tried Chrome browser.

Used Vivaldi browser (my preferred)

Our phone sims are BT (cant access the page there)

However: I can access the said SSE web page at my daughter’s house (Virgin). also, my sons O2 phone and also his VPN.

Would appreciate some thoughts on this.


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Re: The connection to this site is not secure

You say your mobiles have BT sims, are you using WiFi on the mobiles to contact the website, if so can you try with  without WiFi and see if contact can be made using data which if it can't would suggest it is likely to be further along than just your router. I would not expect your router to do anything concerning SSL, and wonder if your PC is more upto date than the website.

FYI: I can access from both W10 & W11 using MS Edge (and also Ovo).

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Re: The connection to this site is not secure

Have turned Wi-Fi off and using only my BT sim am still unable to access my gas login page. Tried with Safari and Edge on my iPhone.

I can access my SSE Electricity account details and the front page for my NI Gas account but clicking to View your bills is when access is denied. Other options like Make a payment works as does register with us (which I've done)

There seems an excessively large number of web sites I'm denied access.

I’m currently running 23H2. Why does my daughters Virgin BB and sons O2 grant access?

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Re: The connection to this site is not secure

An ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH has nothing to do with your ISP, in this case BT. It is an error returned by your browser as it tries to connect.

You would only get this error from a site that had been blacklisted or court ordered if it was blocked by any ISP.

Check your browser security settings.

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Re: The connection to this site is not secure

What browser settings should I be looking at and/or changing.

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Re: The connection to this site is not secure

I have this exact same issue since Friday.  It appears the BT parental controls have gone into overdrive and blocked may sites with the following response ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

I can access the sites on my phone fine through 5g (Lebara/VOD Network)

I spend an hour on a support call where we tried a factory reset of the router and switched off parental controls, web protect etc are off but I still get the message. This is on multiple devices and multiple well known websites.  The chap at BT wanted me to check DNS on my router but I don't have a Windows computer/laptop so he couldn't help.  He said he'd raise a ticket to BT Digital support team but I haven't heard anything back.

I have limited technical ability so I did manage to change the DNS on my chromebook to use the google default and hey presto I could view the sites again. It suggests there is an error with the router DNS for some reason.


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Re: The connection to this site is not secure

BT parental controls block websites with this message.

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