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Trying to achieve nat type one on ps5

Hi I hope someone can help.


i have modified my internet setup.


i have FTTP 900 and changed my sm2 to a business sm2 and set in bridgemode.  I have put a netgear rax 200 behind the sm2 in pppoe connection and it working great.


the reason i put the sm2 in bridge mode was i thought I could connect the ps5 in pppoe to the sm2 and get an open nat.


i can get both to connect in isolation but not at the same time.


is the fttp 900 limited to one pppoe connection at a time?


thanks in advance for any comments and sorry if this is a silly question.

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Re: Trying to achieve nat type one on ps5

All broadband connections can only have one PPPoE connection at a time

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Re: Trying to achieve nat type one on ps5

If I understand correctly, the Netgear RAX is now in Router mode and connected by Ethernet into the main BT SmartHub2 which is set to Bridge Mode (no longer doing Routing).

I think the PS5 would have to be connected to the Netgear which is doing the routing.

Something needs to be in between the ONT and the Client device (e.g. PC, Tablet, PS5) to do the routing. That could either be the BT Hub (in router mode), or else a different device such as the Netgear.

Alternatively, the PS5 could be connected to an Access point that is connected to whoever the primary router is (which seems to be the Netgear in this scenario).

You could keep the BT Hub as the main Router (switch it to its default setting). Then turn its "Wifi" off. Then anything can be connected to it by Ethernet such as the PS5 and should work.

The Netgear in such a scenario could be connected by Ethernet to the BT Hub and set to "Access point mode" if you didn't want a Double NAT, or in "Router mode" if you did.

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Re: Trying to achieve nat type one on ps5


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Re: Trying to achieve nat type one on ps5

i think I will stick with the rax200 as the router connected direct to the ont.  I did get nat type one when I connect the ps5 through the sm2 in bridge mode which was nice for a moment.  

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