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US routing



I am new to the BT broadband. I just got Infinity 1. I am pleased with the speed and the fact that the fastpath is on (which makes big difference for me)..


However I would like to tell that the IP network is a bit too complicated. My problem is that few places I connect to in the US (which are large internet backbone interconnection points) are 20 hops away from my router. While other networks (BE/Sky, O2) prints only 10 to the same places.


The exit to the transatlantic cable takes 12 hops on BT vs 4 on the other networks.


As the result the ping is 120 vs 90 ms which is 33% worse on BT. (increased latency only to exit the UK is 15ms)


(I live in Greater London - so the geography isnt the problem)


I know this is systemic vertical issue with many of the BT departments involved. So I dont think this can change anytime soon.. However I would like to raise my concertn and point to the problem in hope this will be optimised some day.


Thank you

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