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Ubiquity DM slow speed


I have recently moved and I have taken my Dream Machine with me. In the new property as well as the old I use BT full fibre. Because I have a DM and an AP-AC-Pro I can manage my network better (and also that of my parents who live overseas) and with a stable controller. 

Since I have moved I struggle with achieving high speeds. As soon as I reconnect the BT hub it is normal again, so it must be something in the UDM settings, however I really struggle finding it. 

Speeds are extremely slow, not even reaching 10Mbit, although a solid 400 should be reached (or higher). 

I have disabled DPI etc. to check if that was slowing it down. No result. 

I have cloned the BT Hub`s MAC adress and restarted the system and ONT modem. No result.

Of course I have optimized Wifi setting and radio settings, but yeah, that was before I realized it was a connection issue from the DM itself, not further downstream. 

Any ideas what it can be?



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