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Unable to Disable BT-Wifi-with-FON Hotspot

I had previously disabled my the setting on my router to act as a BT Wifi hotspot by opting out. I noticed that my router firmware was updated in 23-Mar-2020 and this was not done by me. Now the SSID is back online and I cannot disable it. My router connection page show the setting as enabled and directs me to the BT WiFi homepage. I am unable to login with my normal BT creds, When i try and use the 'remind me of my username' option it tells me my email is not recognised. 

I have also seen posts that tell me to login to my BT account and go to 'My Extras' section, this no longer exists. When I login and go to 'My Products' -> 'Broadband' (manage) -> 'Visit BT hub Settings' it just takes me to the Hubs product page and doesn't show me any settings. 


Anyone know how I can turn this off again? BT Support are hopeless. 

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