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Unable to resolve hostname for device that has a static IP (not DHCP fixed)


I have a NAS which I used to connect to with a fixed DHCP IP address assigned by my BT HH6.

I have recently been advised to set it with a static IP (set by the NAS).  However, as a result (or at least I think as a result), I can no lnger connect to it over http using it's device name.  So, as an example,
https://<name>:8080 used to get me to the NAS' admin page.  This no longer works.

I can get there by the IP address and I know I can edit my hosts file as a work around, but is there something I need to set for the name to resolve again?  Is this because it is not in my DHCP list anymore and so there is nothing I can do?

The strange thing is, I can still connect to it with SMB://<name>/... for files.

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