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Unable to set device IP to static

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Hello all,


So I'm trying to set my laptop's IP to static due to running a test server on it which I share with my partner's laptop. The server is accessed by using my laptop's IP so you can imagine I don't want to keep updating the IP address on my partner's laptop each time the lease expires.


I've gone into the router's advanced settings > my network > device and then changed the option "Always use this IP address" so that's showing as yes, then I click Save. I see in the top right that it says saving changes and then it says changes saved however if I refresh the page it will go back to no for "Always use the IP address".


Am I right in thinking that the changes have not saved?

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Re: Unable to set device IP to static

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Just set the static IP on your laptop instead of hub.  Set it to  say  just keep the last number below 50 to stay outside the hub DHCP

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