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Unable to work from home due to massive ping spikes

Hi all

I've been browsing the forum without being able to find a reliable solution to my problem. 

I have a BT SmartHub connected to a BT Whole Home. For the past week or so, i've been experienced intermittent "freezes" of my internet which are particularly noticeable during VOIP phone calls while working from home or being logged in to a remote computer for work. I do not use a VPN and this issue happens both when connected over wifi and via ethernet.

I've been running checks using PingPlotter and can see max pings of up to 2701ms which is ridiculous. My average on a normal day is 22ms.

I've spoken to BT on the phone who confirmed no issues on the line they can find. I've hard reset my homehub and my BT Whole Home discs to no avail.

Is there any possibility that replacing the homehub with another router would fix the problem? or when it comes to ping spikes, it would have to be an issue somewhere on the line?

I'm out of contract so considering changing providers, but if I can save myself the hassle, then I would rather try to fix it first!



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