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Unsupported password characters

Been trying to set up DDNS using one of the BT supported DDNS providers ( Set everything up but hub refused to update DDNS and the status would only say error.

Checked all credentials and looked in the log (nothng to see there).

Then overnight I had an idea, I use a password generator for strong passwords and it included special characters (as reccomended) which is what I was using. Regenerated my changeip password without using these and lo and behold it now all works. 😀

So somehow or other the hub is not handling (some?) special characters in passwords properly.

Not the first time I have experienced BT screwing up passwords, at one time the MyBT web page where you set a password wasn't case sensitive but the page you logged in on was (or vica versa) meaning the password you had set wasn't accepted when you tried to use it. 🤔

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