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Upgrade issue

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Hello All

I wonder if anyone can help with this problem.

I have been trying to upgrade my broadband package and have spoken to the BT sales team on two occasions to do this without success.

The problem is that we go through all the order process and then at the end it appears as though our broadband is not with BT but with an unknown other provider.

This is really strange as we have just moved into the property and set up the BT account when moved. We are paying for BT broadband, they emailed me to say that I had gone over my broadband usage so I must be using them for data, but apparently there is some sort of fault that makes it impossible for them to upgrade my package.

Speaking to an advisor is no help, apparently the team dealing with the problem are not'front facing' and do not talk to customers.

No one can talk to me about this problem apparently?

I just wondered if anyone knew who to speak to.

I am concerned that my account has been hacked or compromised in some way and no one at BT is able to reassure me in any way.

The problem is now 2 weeks old and still not resolved.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help. 

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Upgrade issue

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try the options team 0800800030 they are uk based

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