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Upload frequency change engineer visit tomorrow


Having issues with online gaming caused by upload issues.

No lag necessarily but more of a case of what I input is always delayed and doesn’t register fully and feels like opponent is always one step ahead of me.

Previously when switching between isps gaming is fine for first 3 days however when line stabilises, speeds increase and ping decreases I start having this same issue.  

Having done extensive research and trial and error I believe I DONT have the issue during the first 3 days because I’ve not been allocated a upload frequency and once I am allocated the 8.5-12 mhz upload frequency I start having these same issues regardless of the isp I’m with. 

I have an openreach engineer visiting tomorrow, any advice on what to tell him to do at the cabinet?  once upon a time I never ever experienced this issue and had the most godly internet connection on earth, until a engineer visited and changed the wiring in the property and something in the cabinet.( I remember the cabinet bit I remember the engineer calling another engineer over to go to the cabinet whilst he re wired at my property)

ive tried everything at home (new wires, different types of material wires ie copper aluminium etc, new routers, new modems, star wiring, daisy chain,  and can safely rule out its not a internal property issue so must be a cabinet issue as I always notice the same pattern when changing isps after 3 days.

With the image attached there must be a way to change the frequency of the upload from 8.5-12 to lower on the spectrum as it’s the only thing that makes sense to do based on my issue.

im happy to record some clips and upload to YouTube and attach a link so you can see what I experience when gaming.

and hopefully once this issues is fixed I’ll stop annoying you lot with the same recurring issue on this forum! 🤞


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Re: Upload frequency change engineer visit tomorrow

There is absolutely no way an engineer can change the frequency spectrum of your line.

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