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Use BT HH 2.0 for LAN only and connect to internet throught wireless netgear.

Where I used to live I got BB through my BT HH which I had 2-3 computers in a LAN though ethernet cables. Where I am now it is not possible to connect the HH to the internet through the broadband socket. I have connected to the internet though a netgear wireles usb adapter.


If I try and use the internet when the LAN is enabled in the adapter settigns (win 7) it will try and go through the HH and not connect. If I disable it to be able to connect to the wireless usb, I can't access the LAN.


Is there:

1. A way to connect to the internet through the wireless without going through the HH? or,

2. Connect the wireless to the home hub and get the internet through that and the HH?



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