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Using Netgear Router with BT Hub6

Hi, I have recently moved and taken BT’s Superfast Broadband.  For this, they gave me one of their Hub6 Modem/Routers.  It works, but I would prefer to use my Nighthawk X4 AC2350 router I was using before we moved.  I believe that BT’s Hub6 cannot be used solely as a modem, so I acquired a BT Openreach HG612 modem with the intention of eliminating the Hub6 and plugging the Nighthawk into the HG612.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve connected everything correctly, but I have no internet access.  The HG612 lights come on as expected, as do those of the router, except for the internet light showing red.

I had assumed that I could just connect the HG612 and away it would go, but do I need to log-in to my BT account somehow?   If so, how?  Do BT need to “enable” it?  Is there something else that I’m missing?

After doing all this I re-connected the Hub6 and then tried my Nighthawk plugged into the Hub6.   It works!  I haven’t checked speeds yet, but, on the face of it, responses seem pretty good.  (I disabled Wi-Fi on the Hub6.)

Although it works, I’m not really sure what I’ve done, e.g. are there any pitfalls, is it secure?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.  

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Re: Using Netgear Router with BT Hub6

you should be able to connect netgear to modem  but you need to enter in the netgear the username and if need the password

is there a smart setup in the netgear which will do the conencting and then just enter

password if need just use BT

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