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Re: Using a HH5 offline

I meant the AC1600 but I think Amazon have it mislabled as the image is of the VR600.

My wireless devices are all 2.4ghz so I'm not fussed about 5ghz on the wifi side for now.

Anything like HD / high biterate streaming on my LAN is done via an ethernet connection.

I dealt with TP-Link products years ago when they first appeared on the scene via a previous employer and back then, they were quite dire.

Reading the reviews on the VR600 it does seem to be a decent piece of kit so I will probably get one.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Using a HH5 offline

VR600 is correct, look at the wireless speed '1600'.  The V2 is the better option, more chance of IPv6 being fixed properly, at least the firmware is dated May 2017.

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