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Using homehub 3 as wireless router

Hi, have a homehub 3 I want to use as a wireless router.  Have a HH2 at present but like the hubphones, which won't work on a HH3. At present I have an Ethernet link to an old Linksys router which I use as  a switch/wireless repeater.  Unfortunately is only a b/g standard and I have a bottleneck.  I'd like to use the HH3 to replace this, anyone any idea if this can be done.  Effectively need to disable the modem side and get the thing to think is a wireless switch.

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Re: Using homehub 3 as wireless router

Hi, in a nutshell no, I dont think it can not in the way v2's and 1 series could anyway. 


But what's the necessity for the Linksys, if you just use HH2 are you suffering from wireless loss through the house?