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VPN Services on BT Broadband - Poor Customer Support

I just signed a BT residential contract les than 2 months ago. I sometimes work from home and do all sorts of Broadband problems, from connection drops to latency issues (Bandwidth is about 1.5 to 4.5 MB max) Attenuation is about 57db and SNR hovers between 3db (which makes it susceptible to connection drops) and 6 db. BT standard recommendation is 6.5 or a bit higher.


Although I recognise the fact that the distance to the exchange does affect the connection, the point is, that previously we had access to our VPN services (I was previously with BT Business)  I get better service from my Android Phone service provider than BT including VPN connections. I have tried different locations both in and out of the UK for VPN services and had access 



Contacting BT support is quite pathetic.  I cannot get through to customer support on phone for over a week; BT's Interactive Voice System is not intuitive enough to route me to the required team. Their business units have no synergy and their corporate image is very negative. All you need to is to type BT poor service in any search engine and the comments will scream at you!!!


For the first time about 13 years that I have been engaging support staff for Live Chats of different organisations across different continents, I was held up for over 25 minutes by BT!!! it has never happened to me. And after waiting for almost 25 minutes,.... I got this message "There are no agents available to chat to you at the moment. Please try again later." Nice....


With 10 months to go on this contract, I am surely not looking forward to this business engagement. I wonder if the Brand Managers or the Relationship managers or the Corporate Affiars team are concerned about the negative image that has been ongoing for years. There is a need to have change the negative perception. The reason BT is in business is because the customer...


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