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WIFI and Skyq

We have our original BT hub5 - QX32 however the signal was poor in other rooms so we bought BT Wholehome JM85. We bought SkyQ  and the Sky engineer set us up with BT hub 5 which was fine for a while but we lost the signal and had to swap the sky box over to wholehome which again was fine, but since last week every day except Sunday at 11.30 am we lose the signal and have to swap the WIFI over which again is fine until 11.30 the next day. Why does the BT signal fluctuate everyday at 11.30 and is there a cure

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Re: WIFI and Skyq

have you split the wireless networks on your HH5?

have you turned of smart setup

have you split the networks

I would also select the 5ghz network channel manually and avoid channel 36 as that is used by SKYQ


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