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WIFI keeps dropping

I see a number of similar reports.

Firmware (Type A) Last updated 13/08/16

BTHome Hub 3.0A


About two months ago, after a number of years without an issue, WIFI began dropping a few times each day. Often a hub restart is needed.
All devices stay connected and wired devices continue as normal.

The issue occurs whether I choose a channel or use auto-select.
I have given the wireless devices static IP.  Because this is HH3 there is no option to split into seperate SSID.
Currently I use

10. Wireless connections:

Enabled, (802.11 b/g/n (Recommended)) 20 MHz, WPS enabled

I will look to change this to b/g just in case.

I suspect firmware (but it hasn't changed in 2 years?) or an issue in the hub itself.



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WIFI intermittent issues with devices dropping

About two months ago an intermittent problem developed where WIFI would become unavailable.
Wired devices continued to work but wireless devices were 'Obtaining IP Address' continuosly.
The Hub has to be restarted to restore connection.

This issue occurs 2-3 times a day.

3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 13/08/16
4. Board version:BT Home Hub 3.0A
10. Wireless connections:Enabled, (802.11 b/g/n (Recommended)) 20 MHz, WPS enabled

I have tried providing static IP and changing channels (issue occurs whether selecting a channl or using auto)

As it is HH3 I cannot set two SSID. (I don't think) for 5ghz and 2.4ghz

I will try by changing to b/g but any ideas?

I suspected Firmware but that hasn't been updated for two years (?) and the hub itself.

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Re: WIFI intermittent issues with devices dropping

Issue remains if I use b/g or b/g/n


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Re: WIFI intermittent issues with devices dropping

You could either ask BT for a home hub 4, or buy your own 3rd party router for about £35, which is likely to give better performance as it has external wireless aerials.


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Re: WIFI intermittent issues with devices dropping

Thanks Keith,

I had seen the suggestion to use a 3rd party router before. 

Apart from the principle (I pay BT to be my service provider)...
What set-up would be required if I have a home network of wireline connected devices?
What then happens with any support from BT if further issues arise?

What is the process to request HH4 from BT?



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Re: WIFI intermittent issues with devices dropping

You are not forced to use a free ISP provided router. If you want a free  HH4 from BT, then you may have to agree to a new broadband contract. BT just provide your Internet connection, but give you a home hub on a deferred payment, so if you cancel within your contract, they charge you for the home hub.

A third party router can be used, but you can keep the HH3 handy just in case BT insist that you use it to prove a fault, as they have full control over it. BT cannot support 3rd party routers, but you are free to use one.

There is nothing complicated about using a different router, you just plug it in and follow the setup wizard.  It will work with any other network devices including powerline.

For a small outlay, you can always try the TP Link TD-W9970 to see if it helps with your wifi connectivity, I use one, and have no wifi issues Full details on my website.

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