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Wake On LAN on Home Hub 5

Hi all, I have an Infinity 1 line connected through a Home Hub 5.

I am trying to set up the WOL for one of the computer connected and I'm having some trouble.

The WOL works, both from a divice connected to the LAN and from the WAN, but apparently only for a short time. 

I was reading that it may be related to the ARP tables kept active only for 20 minutes or so.

Is there any workaround for this problem? Has anybody been able to setup a reliable WOL with the HH5?

If the problem is the hub, I may have a router that I could plug directly to the hub output and connect my whole LAN through that, would that solve the problem? I don't know where these tables are kept, if it is on the DHCP server would a different one solve the issue? If it is necessary to change the hub, is there any alternative?


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